Accessing Results or Printing Certificates from Previous LMS


Access Level: Manager


1. Login to your affinity portal




2. From the Dashboard, select the dashboard menu



3. Select  Resources



4. Select the Community LMS V1 Report

Each community has been given a link and access specific to the communities previous LMS site. The Example on the instruction will not represent the exact name of the resource.



In this example we will use: Eagles Point LMS V1 2018 Report




5. Select Download

to view or print a PDF of all 2018 community learning activity for all employees. Once selected, you will see a new window open with the report.




6. Select the link to open the previous LMS



Once selected, you will have to select the next or open arrow:


Managers can use their previous manager login credentials to access the site


Once logged in you can retrieve individual user results or print certificates


Printing Certificates:


1. From the reports section, select "Employee"


2. Select the Employee


3. Select Print report, Print Certificates, or Print the individual certificate for the course