Manager (Basic)

1. Login using your "Administrator" credential

2. Select "Add" under the "User" category

3. Add the "New User" information

1. Username - Input the desired "User Name" of the individual.

Standardized Guidance

It is important to select a standard format for reporting purposes such as; Last Name, First Initial.

Example: JohnsonB

Duplicate User Names - In the event there are Users/Employees with the same Last Name and First Initial, it may be necessary add additional characters such as a Middle Name Initial

Example: JohnsonBF

2. Employee Name - Input the complete employee name

3. User Level - Select the employee level. (Note, users will not be able to be granted curtain levels based on role based permissions.)

4. Status - Select the employee status:

  1. Active
  2. In-Active
  3. On-Leave
  4. Terminated

5. Department - Select the appropriate Department:

  1. Admin
  2. Corporate
  3. Dietary
  4. Field

6. Email - Input the employees working email address

7. Password - Input a standardized password that can be easily managed if the user/employee forgets.

9. Once all field input has been completed, select the "Submit" button to complete adding the user.