Certificate Validation

Employee certificates can be validated manually or digitally using barcode reader apps. 


Manual Validation:

Step 1


  • Employee Name,
  • Course Title
  • Date

In the body of the certificate. 

Step 2


  • Name
  • Course Title
  • Date

information using the bar code validation output.

In this Example,

  • Name = Test
  • Course title = AIN201-Infect
  • Date = 01/05/2018 (2018-01-05)

Digital Verification:

To validate barcode information, download a number of free barcode reader apps for a mobile device. In this example, QuickMark was used, and can be downloaded on both IOS and Android platforms. (Link to QuickMark)

1. Scan the barcode

Results may vary depending on the lighting, angle, or application used.

2. Validate information

In this example, the barcode registered or gave an output of:

  • Name= Test
  • Course = AIN201-Infect
  • Date= 2018-01-05

This information matches the two sources listed on the certificate body and barcode output.