Manager (Advanced)

In the event there is a need to change the compliance period for a course or courses, Managers can change the "DEFAULT" time required for a User/Employee to complete the assigned course or courses. 

Example A:

New Employee, Johnson, B has just started, The manager assignees a block of courses that need to be complete in the next 30 days to maintain compliance. 

Example B:

Employees, There are annual requirement that need to be completed. The manager selects the courses that all employees must complete annually to meet compliance.

To complete this function, the manager must complete the following actions:

1. Login using your "Administrator" credentials

2. From the main menu, select "Date" from the "Course" category

3. Select the course or courses that need to change the "DEFAULT" time compliance period.

4. Select from the drop down menu and select the desired time period to change the "DEFAULT" compliance period for the courses.

5. After the selection has been complete, confirm all details and press the "Update" button. 

6. To return to the main menu or exit this screen, press the "Main Menu" button.