Clearing Browser Cache

In some instances, a local computer may have a cahced version stored in the browser history. This allows for faster performance when viewing the modules. When modules are updated though, this may cause the module not function or complete. 

An easy way to correct this problem is to clear the local browser cache and reload the module from the LMS server. 

This tip should function on all browsers that have a refresh/reload button. There are some instances (Intranet, restricted browsing, managed browser, etc) where the functionality to refresh/reload the page is not available. If this is the case, you wil need to contact your IT support at your local facility.


Step one

Identify the refresh/reload button located in the top left of the browser window



Step 2

On your keyboard, seleft and hold down the shift button

Step 3

With your mouse, select the refresh/reload button. Once the browser refreshes the page, you should be able to view an updated or refreshed module.