Fels LMS V2.0 KB updated 12-2018

Dashboard Menu Function Overview


User Menu Selections:

Selecting or clicking on the Dashboard button will allow users to access the portal options.


Located in the top left of the portal.



Selecting the Dashboard button  will allow learners the following selections



Selecting this menu item will return or show the learners main dashboard or home screen.



This Menu item will allow learners access to corporate and facility specific resources, documentation, or support links


Resources can be viewed or downloaded as needed. Links to external features outside of the Fels LMS 2.0 can be selected by clicking on the links provided in the overview.


Catalog menu option will show learners a complete listing of available course for them to view and self enroll. These courses are may be selected even when enrolled in a learning path with the existing course.


 Viewing Course Detail

Select the title of the course


 There are 4 course detail selection that can be viewed

  1. Description
  2. Content
  3. Cert & Credit
  4. Reviews


Description will give a brief overview of the course and an outline of objectives.



Content will show the listing of modules within the course


 Cert & Credits

This selection will detail the type of certificate generated by this course and the Credits given for successful completion.



Learner review and feedback of the course.


 Review the information and select "Back to Catalog" to return to the Catalog.



 Self Enrolment:

After selecting and viewing  a course there are two ways to self enroll

 1. From course catalog, select "ENROLL"



2. From the course detail

Select the "Enroll" button in the course description



 Once a learner has selected to enroll in a course, a prompt will appear to confirm enrollment.