Dashboard Search Function Overview


  User Search Selections:

Learners can search the following items

  1. Courses they are enrolled in
  2. Learning Paths
  3. The complete Catalog of courses
  4. Resourses

The Search function is located in the center  of the portal. Selecting the icons will give learners the ability to select what option or category to search in. Once selected, learners will be able to type in key words, or course numbers to show results.

1. Search for Enrolled Courses


 Example: typing in 101 will show courses with 101 that the learner is currently enrolled or completed.


 2. Search for Learning Paths


Example: typing test will show the learning path that is available to the learner. Only learning paths that the learner is enrolled in will show.

 3. Search Catalog


 Example: typing "food" will show all courses that have food listed as keywords, in the course description, or in the course outline.

 4. Search for Resources


example: typing "support" will bring up reference material or links