Manager (Advanced)

1. Login using your "Administrator" credentials

2. From the main menu, select "Employee" from the "Report" category

3. All User / Employee will now be available for review.

Item Details: 

  • Username - The user name of the Users / Employees
  • Employee Name - Full name of the Users / Employees
  • Status - The current status of the Users / Employees
  • Department - Department of the Users / Employees
  • Email - email of the Users / Employee
  • Cert - Certificates available for the User / Employee

3. Select the Specific User / Employee to access details for a specific User / Employee.

Item Details:

  • Course - Course block and title
  • Instruction - Date the User / Employee was assigned the course
  • Compliance - Date the User / Employee has to complete the assigned course
  • Results - Final score of the course when completed
  • CEU - the amount of Continued Education Units awarded by this course
  • Grade - The status of the course (Pass = P, Fail / Incomplete = F)
  • Level - The amount of minutes the User / Employee interacted with course
  • Cert - Link to the printable certificate of completion for the specific course

4. Print report of User / Employee activity

  • Select the "Print Report" button

Note: A PDF will be generated outlining all details. Please ensure you have access to a printer or save the PDF Report to file

5. Print Individual Course Certificate

  1. Select / Press the PDF icon located in the Cert column associates with the selected course
  2. The LMS will generate a PDF in a new browser. 
  3. Print or save the certificate to file