Definition: Levels indicate the time a user interacts with a module. They directly correspond with the Minutes the module is open in the browser.


When a user selects and starts the course, the LMS will refresh the connection to the module every 60 seconds. This is how Levels are measured. 


In the above example, the user selected and opened AAM103-LInstruc multiple times on the same day. 

the Levels (Minutes) achieved for each session can be seen in the levels column. 

  • 0
  • 1
  • 1
  • 1
  • 67
  • 3

The user did not, or was unable, to complete the module. this is indicated in the Results and Grade columns.

Common Issues:

1. Users select and take the module, but do not receive credit for completing the course.

  • In the Learning Results, located in the bottom of the User page, there will be a list of courses taken. 
  • The time, date, results, CEU, grade, LEVEL, and cert can be seen for each course. 
  • In the Example, The results are "0" and the LEVELS indicate that the user opened this course 6 times. the user had this course open for 0-67 minutes but was unable to complete or pass the course. 


a. The user opened up the course multiple times, and there are 2 sessions of the course running concurrently. This causes the LMS to think the course is still ongoing (See Example where level is 67)

b. The connection to the LMS has been compromised or suspended, and the course loaded on the local machine, which will allow the user to complete the course, but the LMS does not recognize the session or the LEVELs. (See example where level is 1)

c. The user logs in and selects the course, and a previous "cached" version is opened under another users login. (See example where level is 0)


  1. Make sure all other users are logged out.
  2. Make sure there are no other browser windows or session opened up on the computer
  3. Restart the computer
  4. Clear the cache in the browser
  5. Refresh your courses by selecting the "UPDATE" button